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Visual Art by Taiwanese Actress @tiffshueh

Lembongan island, Bali 2021

Once upon a time, in a coastal village, lived a woman named Marina. Marina had always felt an inexplicable connection to the ocean, its mysteries calling out to her soul. One fateful day, as she dove into the azure waters, a profound transformation took place.

As Marina immersed herself deeper, she felt an indescribable warmth and energy embracing her. To her astonishment, her skin began to shimmer with iridescent hues, and her limbs transformed into delicate coral branches. She had become one with the underwater world, a living coral.

Embracing her newfound existence, Marina discovered a remarkable gift. Through her coral form, she could communicate with the marine creatures, sharing her wisdom and love for the ocean. Her vibrant presence attracted colorful fish, dancing around her in joyful celebration.

Marina's coral form became a beacon of hope and protection for the surrounding marine life. She watched over the fragile ecosystem, guiding lost fish, and mending broken corals with her gentle touch. Her love for the ocean poured forth in every coral polyp, radiating harmony and resilience.


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