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One of the Best Places in the Philippines for Freediving and Photography Adventures

Panglao is the Asian Mecca for freedivers, I recently visited the island for a week of training and to take the last underwater ocean photos of 2023. Training here is top level, you have a good range of highly professional instructors and schools that will help you with everything you need for your training days.

But if you are a photographer searching for new spots to shoot, let me recommend you my top 3 list:

Balicasag island

On the top of the list, this small white sand island, a short boat ride from Alona beach, will make the wonders for a half day trip. Also called turtle paradise, you will always have the chance to encounter these incredible ocean friends around. The drop-offs with healthy reefs around the island, will provide great opportunities for your camera.

Airplane Shipwreck

First time I visited this new spot, a really easy dive suitable for all levels (only 8m) and you will find a submerged small airplane. It is located near South Palms resort and you can access by boat from Alona or arrange a swim from the beach with a local guide. Great for a fun day with your camera or action camera. I took the insta 360 with me as well as my big camera, lots of fun.

Napalin Reef

This spot is another 'must visit' in Panglao, although more touristy, still amazing to see the famous school of sardines around the shallow part of the reef.

Thanks Philippines for always being charming and amazing!


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