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Taiwan, a fresh start!

This year, after a lot of thinking, I decided to move to Taiwan. And why Taiwan? as many of you ask me all the time, well there are many reasons for me to love this place.

But the main reason I came back is because I am involved in one of the most amazing projects I have been in a long time, we are filming an underwater feature film about shipwrecks in Taiwan with the incredible and talented team behind Vision Creator (or Salty mask). It has been a real adventure as shooting in nature depends much on weather, so a lot of changes on dates, good visibility, bad visibility, currents, very deep dives, diving in storms if necessary... and basically shooting as much as possible around the incredible Taiwanese coast line.

So far I have been in Green island, Lanyu, Xiao Liuqiu, Kenting and Penghu and if you ask me, can't choose a favorite diving spot (but I have to say green island and Lanyu are spectacular)

The movie will be in theaters next year and I can't wait to see the results! I have two different roles in the production: As a freediver talent (so yes I will be in the movie) and as a Still photographer for the crew, capturing behind the scenes of the filming process and also some nice images of the shipwrecks that will turned into a photo exhibition as well, next year.

We don't have the final poster yet but this is one of our sketches, what do you think?

I am preparing new post about the process of filming this project and new updates on my journal but I wanted to ask you as I am doing this for you:

What type of content would you be more interested on?

  1. New projects updates and behind the scenes.

  2. Learning about underwater photography.

  3. Gear reviews as I am in the field and actively working hard with my equipment.

  4. Freediving community around the globe

  5. Getting to know a bit more about Taiwan through my street photography and suggested spots for creatives minds.

  6. Personal experiences of living an ocean-based nomadic life

  7. More daily photos I usually don't publish on my website or social media (for the art of it!)

Or anything else that you think that I haven't thought about and you think it would be a good idea, I am all ears!

Let's talk! Send me an email and I would be very interested and get to know what you like and do my best to provide value with the content I create.


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