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Memories of a competition

Freediving competitions are incredible events where meeting other freedivers and get to know about their journeys is my highlight.

As a former competitive freediver is great to take a backseat and capture the efforts that Athletes put into their concentration and performance.

If you want to photograph a freediving competition pay attention to everything that's going around, the stillness of the freefall, the celebration of a white card, judges and safety teams and the entire set up for the competition. There is so many details you can shoot.

As you are freediving with your camera have a plan based on the Athlete's starting list so you wont miss any important moment of the competition. Also prepare your camera settings into at least two modes: first one for following a freediver down (low light) and another one for coming up with the contrast of the highlights from the surface. Adjusting the right aperture will define to get or miss a shot.

These are some examples of a freediving competition I shot, I hope it will inspire you for either train and compete or create amazing shots.


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