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Pepe Arcos

UX/UI designer & Art Director 

Restaurant Order APP - Case study

UX/UI Desing

Simplifying the process of ordering food from a device supported menu in the Restaurant.



In the era of digital innovation, restaurants are embracing technology to enhance the dining experience. This UX case study delves into the design process of a web-based menu ordering solution, activated through scanning a QR code in the restaurant, aimed at optimizing the ordering process and elevating customer satisfaction.

Design Process:

Following the Design Thinking methodology, the design process encompasses empathizing with users, defining the problem, ideating potential solutions, prototyping, and testing for validation and iterative improvements.

Problem Statement:

Traditional in-restaurant ordering systems often lead to inefficiencies such as long wait times, order inaccuracies, and limited access to menu information. These inefficiencies detract from the overall dining experience and may result in customer dissatisfaction.

Solution Statement:

To tackle these challenges, we propose the development of a web-based menu ordering solution activated through scanning a QR code at the restaurant table. This solution aims to streamline the ordering process, reduce wait times, and provide diners with a seamless and personalized dining experience without the need for installation.


User Persona


Name: Alex
Age: 25
Occupation: Software Developer


- Save time during lunch breaks.
- Enjoy a hassle-free dining experience.
- Access detailed menu information and customize orders.


Limited time for lunch due to work commitments.
- Frustration with traditional ordering systems.
- Desire for a more interactive and convenient ordering process.


User Journey
User Flow
UI kit

Figma Prototype

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