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From Online Courses to Workshops


Underwater Beauty Guide

Learn how to navigate an Underwater Beauty shoot  and the best practices to get your work published. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fashion, beauty, portrait or wedding photographer - this editorial photography bible will give you the insight you need, help you ask the right questions and get ahead in this industry!


Mastering light

Over 18+ hours of photography education broken up into 3 fundamental courses and 5 photoshoot ‘challenges’.

Through this series, you’ll learn to find your vision and your style as a photographer, strengthen your creative direction, and gain confidence on set.



These 2 day intensive workshops are designed to assist you in creating beautiful imagery and take your business to the next level. 

I invite you to join me & step into the world of a typical underwater shoot. Myself and my team of styling and beauty experts will be at hand to show you what it takes to grow your portfolio 

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Online Mentorship

One hour session, whether you are completely new to going underwater, or if you’d like to hone your skill.


I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about underwater photography over the past ten years.

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